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1/72 scale.
Price US$40
(plus P/P)

This kit was based upon the project drawings without any information except for the technical data. It was assumed that this asymmetric layout was typical to Dr.Vogt's (chief Blohm-Voss designer) projects. This decision was confirmed once more when Mr. Gary Webster shared the copy of the 1935 patent drawing by Dr.Vogt showing exactly the same aircraft scheme. Just recently Mr. Scott Lowther forwarded a copy of 1943 "Flight" article, where the original drawing apperears to be copied from. The article states the project was designed by Swedish engineer Sigurd Isacson. However, it is still believed that the origin of this project belongs to German Blohm und Voss company research output. Any additional information on this subject will be appreciated.

Thanks to Mr.G.Webster and Mr.S.Lowther for valuable information.
Artwork by I.Shestakov
Dr.Vogt's 1935 patent drawing
Original drawing from the 1943 FLIGHT magazine.
Kit parts
Kit box

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